What makes up a good therapeutic sober living facility?


Support, Support, Support! 

In the end the individuals who live in a therapeutic sober living home need to feel welcome and accepted by all who live in and work with the home. We at Independence Again believe that once you are here you are family. We will be supportive of all choices and support natural positive and negative consequences. 

Will sober living be enough for my loved one?


Unfortunately that is unlikely! 

Each individual will be assessed for a "least restrictive environment plan" by a licensed alcohol and drug counselor with over  20 years experience. The plan may include detox, residential, substance use IOP, mental health counseling, outpatient care, meetings or other options to help them be successful. 

Nothing has worked in the past, what makes this different?


Science has proven the Rat Park Theory!

Basically this means that people who are surrounded with people who are working on the same goals, structure and general enjoyment of their life will have more motivation to learn a new way of life. We work on this through individualized therapeutic interventions, structure, and goal directive plans. 

What does it cost?


The investment is based on the needs.

There is a $300 refundable deposit. With a weekly fee of $150 dollars. This includes housing, utilities, internet, case management, random drug/alcohol testing and reasonable transportation. 

*If an applicant does not have the means to pay weekly this must be arranged prior to admit. A family session will be scheduled. 

Can I change my mind?


At Independence Again you are free to change your mind. We will hold a meeting to talk with you about the consequences you will have and discuss your options. Residents will sign a document stating they understand the choice and Independence Again will notify relevant supporters of the decision.

*Upon a residents return; a new assessment will be completed and program restrictions will be required. 

Why choose a sober living facility?


Environment is not the solution it is a tool! 

In many cases, staying where one is will create failure. This occurs for many reasons, one is because our loved ones do not understand relapse and relapse prevention. Many individuals need a new environment, additional non-family support and ongoing family support in order to make the life altering changes needed for long-term recovery.  

Recovery Information


Sober Living Expectations

Therapeutic Sober Living homes are for individuals who have negative consequences as a result of alcohol or drug use and are trying to maintain sobriety while building or re-building community support networks. There is a curfew, employment requirements, and counseling requirements that each individual has to comply with in order to remain at Independence Again and complete the program. Random alcohol and drug testing is completed throughout the stay. Each individual is required to be accountable for one’s own behavior, chores and obligations with the support of the Independence Again professional staff and volunteers.

Rules - Do all P.A.R.T.S.

1) Positive

2) Action

3) Responsible

4) Truthful

5) Sober

This means that all residents will be positive about their recovery and with their fellow housemates. All residents will hold themselves and housemates up with admiration and respect at all times. Each house member will actively work towards goal completion. Everyone will be responsible for being where they say they will be, when they say they will be there and complete all tasks asked of them in a timely manner. Each resident will be required to tell the truth about all things big and small no matter what it is. Above all else in order to make Therapeutic Sober Living work everyone must be sober from all mood and mind altering drugs at all times. 

Program length

Everyone is given an assessment at the time an application is completed; at that time program recommendations will be made. This will determine the minimal length of stay. There is no maximum length of stay with Independence Again. 

Services Provided



Utilities & Internet

Case Management


Random drug and alcohol testing

*Inpatient Treatment

*Intensive Outpatient Treatment

*Low Intensive Outpatient Treatment

*Individual Counseling

*Health Care Coverage


*Services are provided at an additional cost to basic services. In some cases insurance will cover part or all costs associated with these services. These services may also be contracted out through another provider based on recommendations for the individual.

Important things to know

*Sober living is for motivated individuals who have something to gain from recovery and lose from ongoing addition. 

*Individuals must be willing to participate in their own recovery with the support of their housemates and the staff at Independence Again. 

*Time is part of the solution, life consequences and barriers did not emerge in a day and they will not go away quickly. However, with time and support this too shall pass. 

*Being willing to follow the recommendations of the staff and supports is going to give you an edge that was not in your recovery prior to starting with Independence Again. 

Letter from the Founder, 

Therapeutic Sober Living is not for everyone; those who do not have an internal desire to stay drug and alcohol free will not do well in the Independence Again Program. This is because we will support independence with supervision; this program if not one of complete restriction; we offer therapeutic course correction while making real life decisions with close supervisions and guidance. Most of our residents who leave the program do so as a result of being unwilling to follow our simple rules; however, those same residents know they are loved and supported by us well after they have left our program. We will never tell a person how to live but over them a new way to live as long as they are willing to do whatever it takes. 


Lynda Loftis, LADAC

Who is Independence Again

Independence Again is a 501 c3 organization and directed by a licensed alcohol and drug counselor with over 20 years of experience. 

Support staff are individuals who are motivated to be a part of the solution and not the problem.