About Us


Mission Statement:

Independence Again is dedicated to provide a safe, stable, sober living environment for those individuals who are seeking a healthy and happy life without the use of drugs and alcohol. 



Services are holistic and based on each individual's need. A Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor oversees the care of case management and therapeutic interventions.  As well as the implementation of recovery plans and modification to goals. Support staff will also provide random alcohol and drug testing, program participation and identity development. 



We provide Confidential Housing for adults. The home provides therapeutic sober living where individuals going through similar stressors related to alcohol or drug addiction can share responsibilities and live in a safe environment - all the while rebuilding their self-esteem and regaining their self-responsibility. This sober recovery home is so much more than a halfway house, in that we offer employment assistance, transportation and recovery assistance to all our residents. 

Going Above and Beyond

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to help combat the disease of addiction by providing a unique and specialized service that is not offered in traditional sober living facilitates. We provide a safe, stable, sober living environment as well as a high quality case management services at no additional charge to the resident.

We are aware that addiction has a direct negative impact on more than 25% of our population and that this estimate is rising each passing year. Independence Again wants to make a positive impact on lowering this number dramatically, reunite families in a healthy and positive way all while providing those suffering with addiction hope that change is a foreseeable outcome.

Our organization offers a much needed service to an under served population; resulting in a positive impact on our foster care and legal system, while also decreasing the cost of long term medical services as well as promoting positive change with increase social involvement, individual responsibility through educational and occupational goal achievements.

In short; we help get our residents back on track through case management and treatment while they reside in a safe and stable living environment that holds them accountable to long-term life choices.

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